Torah begins with “Beit” — The 2nd Hebrew letter; like “B.”

What is before “Beit?” 

Only Silence.

Not the silence of absence.

Not emptiness when nothing is expressed;
nothing to express:
nothing that can express.

Silence that is alive. The Silence of life itself. 

The Silence of “Aleph” — the 1st Hebrew letter, but not like “A.”

“A” has sound; several sounds.

“Aleph,” Silence, is audible only through the vowel that follows it.

“Aleph,” they say, is “silent.”


“Aleph” is Silence.

“Aleph” is before “Beit.”

“Aleph” is Silence before Creation.

Would you feel that Silence?

Light Shabbat lights.

What do you hear?


It is not Silence radiating from light.

It is light radiating from Silence;

Light illuminating the Silence from where it comes.

And what is the first Hebrew letter of “light?”

It is “Aleph.” 

Silence radiates as light that fills Creation.

“The Whole Universe is filled with His Glory.”