Be  Joyous,    and your difficulties will diminish in size;

Be  Joyous,    and you will ward off illness;

Be  Joyous,    and your fears will lose their hold; your worries, their canker;

Be Joyous,    and sorrow will not crush you, suffering will not approach you;

Be Joyous,    and the years roll smoothly and peacefully by,  leaving no painful, marring gashes;

Be  Joyous,    and you will remain young all the days of your life;

Be Joyous,    and your days will be many on this earth. [1

Rabbi Lichtenstein urges us to face every minute of every day of our lives with joy. Can we do this? Is it possible? As with most things, it might vary from person to person. But we can all be more joyous than we are. We can each ask ourselves, “What can I do to be more joyous today than I was yesterday? More joyous tomorrow than I am today?” When we do, let’s also remember that joy needn’t be sought outside of ourselves. It’s part of the essence of what we are:

“We were born to be joyous. Joy is the language which all creation speaks; it is the voice of G-d vibrating throughout the world.” [2]  


[1] Lichtenstein, Rabbi Morris; Jewish Science and Health; p. 145-6
[2] ibid., p. 142