Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady, founder of HaBaD Hasidut, also known as The Alter Rebbe, taught:

צריך להיות כח הפועל בנפעל תמיד להחיותו ולקיימו

“The power of the Creator must always be in the creation, giving it its life and its continued existence.” [1]

Look at the world around and within us. G-d is creating it at this very moment – in this very split-second, in every split-second again and again forever – while at the same time filling and surrounding all that’s created – from the infinitesimal to the cosmic.

Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein says the same:

“…the human mind is outside and apart from the thing it creates, while the Divine Mind is within it and inseparable from it.”  [2]

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, too, writes of a world filled with the Divine, using the image of Mosheh at the burning bush on Har Sinai: [3]

“Earth’s crammed with Heaven,
And every common bush afire with G-d…” [4]

Habitually, of course, we take the world as our senses tell us it is.

To see otherwise, we must “teach” ourselves to see differently; train the mind to do so; alter our viewpoint to enlarge our vision. The Alter Rebbe called it “hitbonenut” – meditation, or contemplation.

Of the many types of meditation, contemplating the ramifications of the idea of G-d’s Presence everywhere might fall within the field of “Jñana Yoga” — the “yoga of knowledge.” [5]

The Rebbe tells us to begin with prolonged consideration of this idea: G-d must always be in the things created, or they cannot continue to exist at all.

At this very moment, are you instinctively saying in your mind, “This can’t be so?”


You’ve begun your contemplation.

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