” ‘Aleph,’ the first of all the Holy Letters of the ‘Aleph-Beit,’ is more than one letter among many others, more even than the first among equals. It is the leader and master of the letters. It is the prime factor in the combinations and constellations of letters that form the very elements of creation…” [1]

” [The Magid of Mezritch taught],… ‘In the beginning, G-d created את  — that is, G-d’s first act was to create the letters…”  [2]

“The whole universe is but a multiplicity of combinations of the same essence.” [3]

The essence is represented by  א — the letter Aleph — the silence that underlies and unites all other sounds.

“The commentators write, in the name of the Arizal [Rabbi Yitzhak Luria; the “Ari”] that the letter  א  represents Ha-Shem and [G-d’s] Glory.” [4]

Watch Aleph.
Hear its perfect silence:
the Quiet before Creation.


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