“…of all the letters, G-d chose ב as the one with which to create the world… ב came forward and said, ‘Let the world be created with me, because all beings will use me to bless G-d’ [by saying ‘Baruch’ — ‘bless’ — which begins with ב]. G-d immediately accepted this and said, ‘Bereishith bara…’.” [2]

Science, of course, says that Creation began with the Big Bang. 

But — what’s the first sound in “Big?” And “Bang?”

The sound of “Beit.”

After the perfect silence of Aleph,
Beit is the sound
of the first pulse of life —
like a baby’s first
And in that single heartbeat
the Universe is created.  


[1] original design by Rabbi Eli Mallon; c. 2011; based on Midrash Otiot d’Rabbi Akiva (The Letters of Rabbi Akiva)
[2] (based on) Munk, Rabbi Michael L.; The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet; p. 57; quoting Midrash Otiot d’Rabbi Akiva
[3] c. 2011 by Rabbi Eli Mallon