Through one event, G-d can teach an infinite number of lessons to an in-finite number of people — simultaneously. It’s one of the things that is meant by “Divine Wisdom.” Even in an event as shocking as Sept. 11, 2001, G-d is speaking to each of us on our own unique level, in our own unique spot. Each of us comes to it from a different perspective.

     Imagine a one-room schoolhouse.

     On the chalkboard, the teacher writes: “2 + 2 = ___.”

     The youngest student practices writing the numbers and computational signs.

      A slightly older student completes the problem.

      A student slightly older again begins to learn multiplication by it.

      Another student feels bored with school.

      A student a few years older contemplates that “2 + 2” always equals four — anywhere in the world; in the entire universe, even in heaven; it is there-fore a universal law.

      An even more advanced student infers that the presence of a universal law implies an orderliness in creation that strongly suggests intelligent design.

      A very advanced student, perhaps, is willing to take the step of believing in a Divine Designer, because of that apparent design.

      The most advanced student, the “wise” child of the Passover seder, asks, “What are these laws and how may I live without violating them?” Or better, “How may I live in harmony with the Designer?”

      And if, perhaps, one of those students is a “tzadik nistar” — a “lamed vavnik;” one of the 36 hidden holy people without whom the world can’t continue to exist — he or she might bless G-d, saying, “2+2=4, Baruch Ha-Shem.”

      Yet, they’re all looking at “2 + 2 = ___ ,” written by their teacher on the chalkboard before them.

      Can you look on all the things that happen to you as learning experiences being taught to you, especially for you, by G-d?

      What is G-d teaching you, individually and uniquely, today?