(One of the loveliest features of the Pesach liturgy is the public chanting of “Shir Ha-Shirim” – “The Song of Songs” – ascribed to King Solomon: [1] “The Song of Songs of Solomon” – שיר  השירים  אשר  לשלמה. The words in the design above, “Behold, thou art fair, my love,” are from there. [2]  “Song…” is often understood as a loving dialogue between the soul and G-d. The following poem is written in that spirit, as well.)

Your joy is wine to me;
It intoxicates me.
In troubles,
I smile, silent;
My heart quiet in me.

The joy is Yours, not mine;
You, not me.

Immersed in You, fear and sorrow vanish:
Sea-spray on hot sand,
Shadow in light.

ישקני  מנשיקות  פיהו
Y’shakeini min shikote pihu:
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. [3]

Let Your kisses be kisses,
Not only covering my mouth,
So that I cannot speak my love.
How can I love You,
And not declare that You love me,
In all my heart,
In all my soul,
In all my life?

Elders say
Your love is Your law,
Your kiss: Your commandment.
Mine is an infant’s heart:
If I forget, even for a moment,
Only You are giving me my life and my world,
I cry, “Where are You? Where are You?”

Let this, then, be Your kiss:
That I know only You. [4]


[1] Shir ha-Shirim/Song of Songs 1:1
[2] ibid. 4:1; design © 2010 by Rabbi Eli Mallon
[3] ibid. 1:2
[4] © 2003 by Eli Mallon