After the previous post on “Hitbodedut” — talking to G-d in a secluded place — it seemed that one more thing could be said:

Rebbe Nachman’s practice implies that we remind ourselves continually about the G-d with whom we’re conversing:

G-d is creating everything, “sustaining” everything (keeping everything re-created) in every moment; you’re never separate from G-d. G-d is creating you right now!

G-d is aware of everything you feel, want, and need.

G-d cares about you far beyond what you can imagine.

G-d can do anything.

“Rebbe Nachman is telling us straight up that pure faith in Hashem entails absolute belief that Hashem created everything and sustains everything, and everything that occurs is governed by Divine Providence. Any negation of this, even the slightest degree, comes under the category of…the belief in the efficacy of some other power or force or set of rules. We must believe that Hashem provides everyone with their livelihood…through the agency of Divine Providence. Even if a person were to stay cloistered in his home, extending no effort whatsoever, his livelihood would still be provided for him. Belief in this is pure faith in Hashem. Because of our sins, and…lack of faith, the general belief [is] that a person has to “get out” and earn his/her living. The Rebbe states: This is a…misplaced belief in the efficacy of ‘one’s’ own efforts; the labor of one’s own hands. [1] And so, lacking perfect faith…a person must indeed travel to earn a living…” [2]

If you don’t understand this — discuss it with G-d during your hitbodedut!

If you don’t agree with it — likewise!

Rebbe Nachman doesn’t tell us these things for the purpose of theological debate.

They’re simply reminders for us, while we’re talking to G-d.


[1] Rebbe Nachman calls the reliance on any power other than G-d, even our own, “idolatry.” His intention here is not to be harsh; rather, it’s to point out our mistake emphatically.