Yesterday was Super Bowl 46. Pardon me. XLVI. Or was it 47?

Anyway —

The NY Giants won, in case you missed it.

But it taught me something interesting.

Today, listening to the news as I drove to work, I heard a man being interviewed who had watched the game at a sports bar.

He said “We won!”

My thought was “We” didn’t win anything. “They” won — the 12 or so men on the field, plus their coaches and support personnel. “We” sat and watched the game in safety.

But then I realized: This man really identified with the team. He felt that the team was an extension of himself (despite the fact that not a single one of them lives or went to school in NY).

What happens to the team happens to him.

Wasn’t that what the B’nai Yisrael — the Israelites — were supposed to feel in the Mishkan/Temple? When the kohen performed the korban, wasn’t it symbolically the Israelite doing the sacrifice himself? When the Kohen Gadol entered the inner room of the Mishkan and Temple to atone for Israel’s sins, didn’t the Israelites symbolically enter with him?

The Kohen Gadol wore a breast-plate with the names of the tribes on it, and ornamental stones on his shoulders with the same. That certainly seems to indicate that he was representing the entire community.

I felt that I got an added insight into what the Israelites themselves might have been feeling in the Mishkan & Temple, by one man’s “We won!”