Praying, I first remind myself that G-d is creating everything right now. Everything is the effect; G-d is the cause.

Then, I think: G-d is not a thought or feeling. G-d is not matter or energy. G-d is beyond time and space. The entire Creation is less than a speck of dust compared to G-d.

Thinking these, I begin to feel G-d’s Silence.

Now, I say: You’re filling everything You’re creating. Nothing is separate from You. There’s only You.

I pause then from saying or thinking anything, my mind filled with Quiet.

I can’t help telling G-d “I love You.”  I feel You accepting my loving and Loving me in return.

With Your help, I forgive anyone for whom I have an angry thought. They’re your beloved children, too. It must pain You to see the things that we do to each other, but maybe it amuses You a bit, too: Like an adult watching children be mean, thinking to Yourself, “Oy, how unnecessary,” You love us no less.

Now, I place my question or problem in my mind with You; “before You,” some might say. I know you already know these, but by “saying” them, I can give them to You. If I keep them unspoken in my own mind and heart, I can’t let them go. It also helps me feel that I’ve shared them with You.

I give them to You now. Maybe You give me an immediate answer; maybe the answer comes at some other time. Sometimes I have to pray about the same thing more than once until I can give it to You and let it go.

I know that whatever You do is the best and rightest thing.

Once I’ve given it to You, I feel much better.  I have to say “I love You” again; I’m so filled with the feeling.

I finish my prayer, then.

But sometimes, even after I’ve opened my eyes, I still feel like I’m with You.