In my previous post, I reviewed in simplified form the first step in Rabbi Lichtenstein’s “Jewish Science” teaching about “finding” G-d.

He says that when we look around ourselves at the natural world, we see things proceeding in an orderly manner that can’t be “random” or “accidental.” To this, no less a scientific mind than Albert Einstein concurs. This is true of both animate and inanimate objects.

Rabbi Lichtenstein, though, takes a step further than the empirical scientist. He affirms, as do the teachers of Kabbalah and Hasidut, that unlike a human creation — a watch, for example, which is separate from its creator once it’s completed — Divine creation is never separated: The Divine remains forever within the thing created — like ocean water in a wave.

The Rabbi doesn’t mean to teach an arcane metaphysical or philosophical concept. Rather, he’s leading us to the only possible conclusion: If signs of G-d are found everywhere, and if G-d is never separate from the things created, then G-d is no less within us, ourselves, at this and every moment.

What’s more, Rabbi Lichtenstein doesn’t intend for us to “understand” this in only an intellectual manner. He means for us to know that we have within us an infinite source of health, calmness, peace, power, happiness, guidance and help. Always. At all times. Anywhere we may be.

This source is always active within us, too, whether we recognize it or not; always responding in kind to the thoughts we choose. Thoughts of illness create illness; thoughts of health create health.

A young woman — a college student at the time — once challenged me on this, asking, “Does that mean we can regrow a limb?” She herself didn’t believe so, of course. I said, “Yes, although I’ve never seen it done.” She just laughed. A few years later, I read about “stem cells,” that can become any other bodily form.  At this time, scientists don’t know how to “direct” them towards growing in a specific direction. But research will someday accomplish this. In terms of the Rabbi’s teaching, we might also learn someday how to regrow a limb by maintaining that thought in our minds, to which the Divine that’s in us even now will respond in kind. Activating stem cells might be the physical mechanism through which this could take place. What’s more, when science begins to do this, any doubt that it can be done will have been seriously undermined, making us much more confident in praying/affirming/visualizing for the outcome we desire.

G-d, then,  is always present and active in us, manifesting according to the thoughts we choose.