Been away for most of this week. In a hospital, first in the ER; then as an admitted patient.
This’ll be a short post.

I was struck by the combination of confusion and coherence that goes on in a hospital. All well-meaning, but fortunately I was able to stay on top of it. Example? I was in for a kidney stone. When it didn’t pass while I was in the ER, where they were giving me pain medication, they admitted me to a private room — but without an order for pain medication. That was an easy one to take care of.

I had numerous nurses and nurse’s aides. All bring very different personalities and cultures to their work. All were very nice, but some were clearly more proactive and on top of details than others. 

Still, I found that the value of a friendly smile and a few friendly words from them, were incalculable. I wasn’t in much condition to talk much, but I thanked everyone as often as I could.

As I was being wheel-chaired out to be picked up and taken home, the young latina who was wheeling me told me I should always think positive.

I left with as good a feeling as I’d want.