(The following is based on Midrash Tehillim — The Midrash on Psalms — on Ps. 39:1:
“I will watch my ways that I don’t sin with my tongue.)

A tale:

A Persian king was sick, and his doctors told him, “There’s no healing for you unless lioness’ milk is given to you.”
One doctor spoke and said, “I’ll bring you lioness’ milk, if you want, if you’ll give me 10 goats.”
The king told his servants to give them to him. They gave them to him, and he went out to the lion’s den.
There was one lioness there, nursing her cubs.
The first day, he stood at a distance and sent her one goat; she ate it.
The second day he got a little closer to her and sent another goat to her.
He did thus until he could play with her [i.e. fondle and milk her], took her milk and returned on his way.
Along his way, he saw in a dream that his limbs were fighting with each other.
The feet said: “Among all the limbs, there’s none like us. If we didn’t walk, there would have been no way to take the milk.”
The hands said, “There’s none like us. If we didn’t do our work [i.e. milk the lioness], nothing could happen.”
The heart said, “If I didn’t give a plan, of what use would you all have been?”
The tongue spoke, “If I didn’t speak a word, what would there have been to do?”
All the limbs answered the tongue: “How can you compare yourself to us? You’re in a dark place, and you don’t have the plan that the rest of the limbs had!”
The tongue said to them: “Today you will say that I rule over you.”
The man heard these things.
He went to the king and said to him: “My lord king! Here! Bitch’s [1] milk for you!”
The king became furious and ordered that he be hanged.
As he went out, his limbs began to weep.
The tongue said to them: “Didn’t I tell you that there’s nothing in you, ‘mamish‘? If I save you, will you acknowledge that I’m more important than you?”
They said to it, “Yes.”
The man said to the hangman, “Return me to the king. Perhaps I can save him.”
He was brought to the king. He asked the king: “Why did you command that I be hanged?”
The king said to him: “You brought me dog’s milk.”
The man said to him: “What do you care? It’ll cure you.  Also, can’t a lioness [i.e. a female lion] be called a “bitch” [as is a female dog]?
They took a sample of it, tested it and found it to be lioness’ milk.
Then the limbs said to the tongue: “Behold, we kneel to you.”
And so it’s written: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” (Mishlei/Proverbs 18:21)


[1] Braude (Yale U. translation) translates “kal’b’ta (a female, Aramaic  form of  the Hebrew “keleb/dog”) as “bitch,” to make the tongue’s ploy clearer.