I speak to You.

At every moment
You’re creating everything,
keeping it existing
even as it’s always changing.

You’re in everything You create,
yet You remain unchanged,
beyond it all, too.

All that You are
is in everything
You’re creating.

You run things
even as they seem
to run themselves.

I look at the walls,
and the trees,
and the things around me,
reminding myself:
they are new
in every instant.

They only seem
to continue
on their own.

Thinking of You creating them,
I think of You
more than I do
of them.

Then, I feel my mind calming.
My heart begins to quiet,
the sometimes-storm subsiding.

Even to pray is hard,
when my own will rages.

The answer, then,
is not to pray,
but to remember;
to remember You;
to remember You creating;
creating all that changes;
still in all that You’re creating;
still unchanged Yourself.

The beginning
of prayer:
G-d is there.

The balm
for tear
or fear:
G-d is here.