(I often quote from the writings of Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein and Mrs. Tehillah Lichtenstein. Here’s a short selection from another of the “Jewish Science” writers — Rabbi Clifton Harby Levy. It is another of the real inspirational treasures that these writers bequeathed to us.)

How does…faith in G-d actually open our eyes, unstop our ears, and help us to run and to leap? When we have found G-d in the world we glory in life, and find a greater interest in living. Nature itself takes on a new liveliness, because we see G-d everywhere. In the wondrous adaptation of every particle to its place in world-economy we find the wisdom of G-d. We rejoice in each sight and sound, as the poet does, because we see and hear with all our souls. All is vivid, and that saves us from dropping into perfunctory, uninteresting living. There is no drudgery where we are interested and every moment gives us new interests in life all around us. We become eager to share more fully in this throbbing life, and we are caught by the great stream of existence, touch shoulders with men and women who are doing things, and seek to do our share, gladly and effectively.

Is it not remarkable that there are so many drones in the human hive, when all is instinct with life and filled with a variety that can not but hold our interest if we look and listen? But we want to see clearly and catch the full harmony of all life about and within us. In order to do this we must be thoroughly alive. We are no longer content to plod, we want to fly. And we have learned the mechanical art of flying. We should be able to match this with flights of the soul which reach up to Infinity as the aeroplane can go out of sight in the sky. When we do this, some of us who have been voiceless, dumb, begin to sing the real songs of our hearts, because we realize the full joy of living. [1]


[1] Levy, Rabbi Clifton Harby; The Jewish Life; p. 36-7