[I liked this brief excerpt on Hisbodedus/Hitbodedut by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum. I liked the entire article. I especially liked his guidance that you could be flexible with the time and the procedure. This can encourage anyone, at any level, to begin!]

Hisbodedus may well turn out to be the single most important practice you adopt…to bring your life to a higher level. Set regular times for hisbodedus. Work out the best time for you according to your schedule. Practice every day.

Sometimes people feel daunted by the idea of sitting down to meditate and pray for twenty minutes. If you find it hard to set a hisbodedus session, try it for just five minutes! Try it for even a single minute! Speak to G-d honestly for one minute! You’ll find you can pour out many prayers even in as little as a minute!

At any time and in any place, you can always take a few moments for hisbodedus. It is always possible to snatch a little time to take a few deep breaths, offer some words of prayer, hum an inspiring melody, etc. You can do this even while washing dishes, standing in line at a checkout counter, or waiting to see a doctor, etc.

As a trial, take ten minutes for your first session of hisbodedus. You can practice hisbodedus right where you are at this very moment. Just decide that for the next ten minutes you are going to practice hisbodedus.

Spend the first five minutes sitting quietly, as discussed earlier. You might focus on your breathing or repeat a guide word such as “Shalom!” in order to settle your mind.

As you become calmer and clearer, you are ready for the second, more active phase of hisbodedus. Take a few moments to thank G-d for the good things in your life. Say the words out loud, or in a whisper. “Thank you for my life. Thank you for this. Thank you for that…”

Next, use guiding questions in order to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself, “What am I thinking? What am I feeling? What is on my mind? What is really troubling me?” Ask these questions out loud or in a whisper.

Now start articulating your goals, needs and desires. Talk to G-d and to yourself about how you can attain them. You could spend five minutes or more on this active phase of hisbodedus. When you are ready to conclude, give thanks again for the good things and affirm your faith in G-d’s ultimate goodness.

The time is now! [1]


[1] http://www.azamra.org/Heal/Livecall/live5.html