Affirmative Prayer, also called Positive Prayer, is a form of prayer in which you declare your desire or intention as already fulfilled.

If you’re ill, instead of saying, “God, please heal me,” or “God, please take away my illness,” etc., you declare “God is filling me with health” or “I am filled with health.”

If you’re sad, instead of saying, “God, please help me to feel happy,” you declare “God is filling me with happiness” or “I’m filled with joy.”

And so on.

I’ve written about this before, and at greater length.

Today, I had special reason to use this form of prayer.

I have a friend, a young woman who is studying in Ghana. She is a very kind person. She told me about a 7 year-old Ghanaian girl whose father died in an auto accident a few years ago. The mother became emotionally incapacitated and cares poorly for the child. The child cleans bowls and other things for spare change, in order to eat. One recent day, my friend noticed the young girl was crying. She didn’t feel well. My friend felt her forehead and found that she had a fever. She took her to a pharmacy, but the pharmacist advised that the child might have malaria.

So, my friend borrowed a car and drove to a nearby hospital.

While driving, they were in an accident of their own and have been in the hospital for three days as of today.

I, of course, was saddened and worried by this.

In trying to find a way to pray affirmatively, I found myself saying their names and declaring that they were both in perfect health and radiantly happy. More than saying it, I imagined myself responding emotionally in a positive way to the health I was declaring for them.

Shortly after making that declaration, I found my own mood brightening. My shoulders relaxed, the muscle-tightness in my chest sort of “let go” by itself. My own mood much improved, I could deal with the situation without unproductive fear and worry.

I realized that while I’ve often experienced this, I never actually focused on the fact that praying affirmatively can have an almost immediate positive effect on the one who is praying, too.

How helpful this can be!