On Jan. 5, 2017, four Israeli soldiers were killed — intentionally mowed down by a truck driven by Fadi Qunbar. I haven’t yet heard of any verified links to ISIS or Hamas.
The four were:

17 others were wounded.
I’m not even sure what to say. It’s not just horror at what happened to four individuals. It’s the relative silence of the world — the lack of outrage — that saddens me so deeply.
What the world allows to be done to Jews, is in the end done to the world, too.
The world will someday mourn for this, as the Germans have after the Holocaust; as the Olympic Committee did 40+ years after Munich.
I’ve seen postings of shows of solidarity with Israel, which are at least soothing. We need much, much more.
I “borrowed” the pictures below from a post on FB, to make the point: These weren’t four “soldiers;” these weren’t four “Israelis.”
They were four young human beings.
They were murdered.

Torah says:

“The voice is the voice of Yakov
but the hands are the hands of Esav.” [1]

Of this, a midrash says:
“Esav’s weapon is his hands;
Israel’s weapon —
his voice
in prayer.”

I take a weapon
to the killers, then:
My words of prayer.

Ha-Shem, Who is Al’lah,
Forgive them, teach them.
Forgive us, teach us.

Soothe the hearts
of those
who grieve.
Soothe the hearts
of those
who hate.

Let there be
an end
to hate.

Let there be
an end
to grief.

Yitgadal v’yitkadash [2]




[1] Bereishith/Genesis 27:22

[2] from “A Death in Jerusalem;” © 2011 by Rabbi Eli Mallon

[3] the address of the source seems to be: