Rebbe Nachman of Breslav teaches:

“The true wisdom of Kabalah begins where philosophy and science end. Philosophers and scientists can speculate only within the limits of the physical world. Their knowledge may reach as far as the stars and galaxies, but beyond that they know absolutely nothing. Even their theories about the physical world end in great confusion, as they themselves admit.

The wisdom of the Kabalah begins where their wisdom ends – beyond the physical world. The Kabalah includes the entire physical world as part of the World of Action ( Asiyah ), the lowest world. But the Kabalah then goes beyond the World of Action to the Worlds of Formation (Ye- tzirah ), Creation ( Beriyah ) and Emanation ( Atzilut ).
Even the World of Action has its own interior spiritual level, of which the scientists and philosophers have no knowledge at all. The Kabalah is concerned with the spiritual root of the World of Action and beyond. Thus the Kabalah begins where scientific knowledge ends.
The philosophers and scientists think that all knowledge ends with the stars, but the entire system of the Kabalah deals with worlds and levels that are beyond the stars.
Yet even one who gains some understanding of the Kabalah, the true wisdom, must recognize that in the transcendental worlds there are likewise levels beyond levels, high above high, without end or limit, for “His greatness is unfathomable” (Tehillim/Ps. 145:3) .” [1]

Some years ago, I wrote about the same idea:

We live in a “Makom;” a Divine “Place” or “Milieu” that surrounds and pervades us, while extending far beyond the limits that we can know by sense perception alone; even by sense perception enhanced with technology (electron microscopes; digital telescopes, etc.). 

While Newton, Einstein and others thought they saw “signs” of a Creator, their understanding went no further. Kabalah (Hasidut and Vedanta, as well) teach that the physical, material Creation is only the most infinitesimal point in the infinite expanse of Divine Existence. ‘

Scientists — as scientists — are unaware of this,

But they are almost entirely unaware of an even greater phenomenon:

This “Makom” is always responding to our every thought, word and action. 

It is not “it.” It is “You.”

God is never not responding to us!

Some of the things I hear about Quantum Physics seem to express the same principle, but I hardly know enough about the subject to discuss it confidently. 

Still, I would say the same thing of Quantum Physics that I said of Newton’s and Einstein’s work: It barely scratches even the surface of what there is to know and what can be known. 

Teachers of Kabalah and Hasidut open up to us the wider paradigm of Reality.


[1] Sichot Haran #225