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To make it easier to browse all my posts on this blog, I’ve prepared this alpha-betical index, which I update daily. Next to each title (in bold lettering) is a link to that particular post. Within the link you can also find the date on which the post appeared.

A Chabad Hasidic Tale for Simchat Torah

A False Self

A Feather and a Bag of Gold

A Future Good

A Heschel Verse with Music

A Jewish Science Teaching of Rabbi Clifton Harby Levy

A Light Within Us

A Lovely Orthodox Teaching

A Meditation at Wave Hill

A Netilat Yadayim Cup

A Personal Passover Prayer

A Seeing Eye: Fear of Heaven

A Shul in a Mosque in the Bronx

A Sufi Tale for Yom Kippur

Adon Olam: A Contemplation Alef I

Aleph — The Silence of Creation

‘Aleph’ to ‘Tav’

An Ark of Gopher Wood

An “Aye” for “An Eye for an Eye”

An “Ayin Tovah” — A “Good Eye” -ayin-tovah-a-good-eye/

An Email to Reb Bahir

Answered Prayer (poem)

Answers to Prayers

Ashkenazic Family Names

At HUC in Cincinnati

Autumn Trees

Avot d’Rabbi Natan: Calmness in Suffering

Avraham, Akeidah & Sharanagati

Avraham and Spiritual Healing

Bach and the Beit Ha-Mikdash

Bamidbar: A Visit to “OWS” (“Occupy Wall Street”)

Be Joyous

Beginning with B

Behar: Sabbatical Year

Beit Begins Creation I

Beit Begins Creation II

Beit Begins Creation III

Believing in God

Bereisheth: Creation

Bilvavi — Mishkan In My Heart (song)

Bilvavi II

Blessing G-d א

Blessing G-d for Beauties of Nature

Blood Atonement

By Babylon’s Waters

By Divine Design (book review)

by e.e. cummings

Changing Curses for Blessings (book review)

Charity and Taxes

Chessed and Hurricanes

Community and Individuality


Contemplating Faith

Contemplating Contemplation

Daily Emunah

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

Direct and Reflected Light

Discussing the Sh’ma with a TM Teacher

Does Matter Matter?

Dreamers, Madmen, Children, and Prophets

Emanation and Divine Unity

Emmet Fox’s “Golden Key”

Emunah and Yoga

Emunah: The Skill of Faith

Enjoying the Oud

Entering the Mishkan — A Meditation

Everything is G-d (book review)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lox But Were Too Hungry to Ask

Facing East: A Survey of Books About the Temple

Facing Jerusalem

Faith and Healing

Faith and Peace of Mind

Faith and Peace of Mind 2

Faith and Peace of Mind 2 (continued)

Faith and Peace of Mind 3

Faith and Revelation

Faith and the Hebrew Alphabet

Faith in Dark Times

Fighting Words

Finding Torah’s Meaning

Finding Torah’s Meaning 2

For the Good

Forgetting the Poor

Forgiving According to Rabbi Twerski

Forgiving Before Yom Kippur

Forgiving Ourselves

Four Days in a Hospital

Free Jonathan Pollard

Free Will (poem)

Freemasons in Israel

From Christian Science to Jewish Science (book review)

Gam Zu l’Tovah — This too is for the Good

Gimel, Giving and Japan

Ginsberg’s Kedusha

G-d as “King”

G-d: The Master Teacher

G-d’s Closeness and Goodness

God’s Goodness

G-d’s Secret

Golden Menorah and Burning Bush


Hag Hanukah Sameach

Halachah (Jewish Law) and Secular Law

Handling Grief

Hanukah Sameach

Hasidic Teaching on Dealing with Our Anger

Hasidic Words

Having Faith

Healing Your Memories

Heavenly Spheres

Hebrew History

Hebrew History II

Hebrew Names and Digital Calligraphy

Heschel’s Poems I (book review)

Heschel’s Poems II (CD review)

High Holiday Musical Notes

Hitbodedut: Beginning

Hitbodedut: Simply Talking to G-d

Hitbodedut: Talking to G-d Again

Hitbodedut: Talking to G-d in a Forest

Hitbodedut II: Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

Hitbonenut: A Jewish Meditation

Hitbonenut: Contemplating on a California Highway

Holy Cruelty

Honoring Nelson Mandela

How I Found Jewish Science

Hurricanes and Blessings

I Shall Not Hate (book review)

I Thank G-d for an Orange

ibn Gabirol: At Dawn I Seek You

I Wander in a Wilderness

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Is Seeing Really Believing?

Jesus in the Talmud

Jewish Education is Spiritual Education

Jewish Liturgy as a Spiritual System (book review)

Jewish Science: Divine Healing in Judaism (book review)

Jewish Social Conscience

Jews and Worrying

Judaism and Forgiveness

Judaism and the Effects of Prayer

Judaism, Karma and Forgiving

Judaism, Karma and Torah

Judaism: Karma at the Red Sea

Judaism: Karma at the Red Sea 2

Judaism, Kerouac, and Midrash

Judaism, Passover, Bullying and Karma

Knowing God

Korach’s Mitzvah

Korbanot: An Introduction

Korbanot II: Steps

Korbanot III: Maimonides’ Thoughts

Korbanot IV: Prayer and Sacrifice

Korbanot V: Sacrifice, Holiness and Rabbi Luzzatto

Kosher Jewish Scupture

Leading a Seder

Learning Pirkei Avot

Leica and the Jews

Letter vs. Spirit

Letters of Light (book review)

Levels of the Mind

Life and Death are in the Power of the Tongue

Little Akeidahs

Liturgy and Meditation

Living in Heavenly Spheres

Loving Beings

Loving G-d 2

Maccabi USA and Online Fundraising

Magen David I

Magen David II

Magen David Panel

Maharishi’s Yahrtzeit

Maimonides and the Soloveitchiks

Making an Impression

Martin and Malcolm: What’s in a Name?

Matzah and Wafer

Muhammad and Mercy

Names Based on “Pesach”

Newton, the Besht, and Buber

Noah and Hesed

Ocean and Wave

On a Death in Jerusalem (poem)

On Forgiving (Mayo Clinic)

On Saying Ashrei and Other Prayers

One Person’s Hitbodedut

One Rabbi’s Thoughts on Halloween

Parenting in Judaism

Parshah Ki Tisa: Idol Worship Today

Parshah Pekudei: Seeing the Mishkan

Parshah Terumah: The Gift of the Mishkan

Parshah Va’Yeirah: Binding Isaac

Parshah Va’Yigash, Faith and Yoga

Passover: Intermediate Torah Readings

Passover: The Exodus-to-Come

Perek Shirah — Chapter of Song

Pesach or Passover?

Pharaoh: Abuser I

Pharaoh: Abuser II

Pharaoh: Abuser III

Pharaoh’s Fundamental Fear

Pilgrimage to the City Lights Bookstore

Pirkei Avot: Receiving Torah

Pirkei Avot: The Holy Tradition

Piyutim Today

Positive, Affirmative Prayer

Practicing “Gam Zu L’Tovah”

Prayer and Peace

Prayer Like Incense

Prayers and Shovels

Prayers, Secrets and Synagogues

Praying for Newtown

Praying for Others

Preparing a Talk on Heschel’s Poems


Purim Musical Notes: Esther and Eichah

Purim and Providence

Rabbi Bronstein on Happiness

Rabbi Twerski on Prayer

Rabbinic Anthologies

Rabbis and Freedom Riders

Rabbis and School Violence

Random Notes on Hanukah

Rav Kook and Rembrandt

Rav Kook and Tu b’Sh’vat

Reading Torah: Honoring the Hertz Chumash

Reading Torah in Public

Real Prayer



Religion: Law, Spirit and Psychotherapy

Religious Tolerance

Remembering Birmingham Sunday

Ringo Starr — An Appreciation

Ritual in Religious Life

Rosh Ha-Shanah Akeidah I

Rosh Ha-Shanah Akeidah II

Saying “Kol Nidre”

Scenery, Supermarkets and Sukkahs

Searching for G-d

Searching for G-d II

Seder I: Steps

Seder II: Four Cups on Passover

Seder III: The Maggid Section

Seder IV: The Seder and the Number “4”

Seder-Doing: Some Thoughts

Seders and Self-Importance

Seeing G-d

Serving G-d with a Smile

Shanah Tovah

Shanah Tovah 5773

Shanah Tovah 5774

Shir ha-Shirim: The Song of Songs

Sh’mot: Mosheh, David, Shlomo and Einstein


Sh’vi’ti 2

Silent Prayer in Synagogue

Sins Becoming Mitzvahs

S’lichah — On Forgiving

Speaking and Remembering (poem)

Spiritual Practice

Suffering on Two Sides

Tales of a Remaindered Tzadik

Talking to G-d

Taught by G-d

Terumah — Building the Mishkan

Terumah — The Meaning of a Mishkan

Teshuvah: Looking, Planning and Seeing

Tests We Face

Thanksgiving and the Korban Todah

The Akeidah in Islam

The Book of the Angel Raziel (book review)

The Chuppah

The Dead Sea Scrolls in New York City

The Dead Sea Scrolls in NYC revisited

The Foundation of Faith

The Healing of the Soul (book review)

The Maggid’s Matzo

The Mishkan: Views

The Old Man in the Big House

The Other Half of Yoga

The Secret of the Vatikin

The “Shema” as an Attitude

The Shema Attitude 2

The True Meaning of Tikkun

Themes of Rosh Ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur

Tisha b’Av: The Destruction of the Second Temple

Tisha b’Av and Music (from “Jewish Ideas Daily”)

Tisha b’Av Music I

Tisha b’Av Music II: Meditations on Lamentations

Tisha b’Av Music III: Possibilities

Torah and Happiness

Torah and Inner Change

Torah and Sacred Activism

Torah and Science: Torah u’Mada

Torah and Success

Torah and TM

Torah, Creation, Hasidut, and B’rei’shith

Torah in a Boston Coat Factory

Torah Never-Ending

Torah, Veda and the Name of God

Torah, Yoga and G-d-Realization

Torah, Yoga, and Spiritual Reading

Translations of Two Hebrew Poems

T’rumah — Making My Own Mishkan

Tzav — Learning Animal Offerings


Tzitzit 2

Unchanging God

Understanding Sacrifices

Va’Yeshev: Joseph’s Dreams

Visit to a Bukharian Synagogue

Visit to the “Woodstock” Museum at Bethel Woods, NY

Visualized Prayer

What Christmas Taught Me About Shabbat

What’s T’shuvah?

Where Penitents Stand

Why Vayikra?

Wine and Kisses (poem)

Words of Dr. Elena Bonner, z”l, on Gilad Shalit

Yom ha-Shoah and Mrs. Lichtenstein

Yom Kippur and Yoga

Yom Kippur: Forgiving Ourselves

Yom Kippur Torah Reading

Yosef, Pharaoh and Insider Trading?

Zohar and Tucson

Rabbi Eli Mallon

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Rabbi Eli Mallon, M.Ed., LMSW

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