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Welcome to my “links” page. On it, I post links to people and groups doing Judaic-related arts and educational programs. This page is up-dated reg-ularly. Please visit often. And — you can send links to sites that you think would interest others who stop by here, too.
5-week crash course in reading Hebrew.
Fascinating, exciting, brilliantly skillful artwork based on Kabbalistic themes, by internationally exhibited artists Lynn Small & Dennis Paul (professionally known as CoLabART).

     Also, view their contemporary AlephBet created as part of a commissioned multimedia installation for NYC’s Yeshiva University Museum’s Aishet Hayil/ Woman of Valor exhibition –
A lovely site by Rabbi, Social Worker and Professor Henry Glazer. Few sites radiate the sincere heart-feltness that this one does.
A remarkable and unique expression of Jewish wisdom in clay sculpture by Helene ER Oppenheimer.
With great creativity, Robin Wald inspiringly integrates Torah learning with the practice of Hatha Yoga and meditation. Her site reflects her deep love of both traditions.
“Rabbi Abraham Shainberg heard about the Transcendental Meditation technique from a friend. As a practicing Orthodox Jew, he was cautious but intrigued.”
A website about spiritual living by Rabbi Shai Specht (who is also a Cantor, Songwriter and Teacher), based on the teachings of Rabbi Joseph Gelberman.
A splendid site, containing the entire text of the Zohar in pointed (“vowel-ized”) Aramaic, with facing English translation. Excellent online reference.
Contains much useful information about every phase of Jewish activity. It’s updated on a regular basis.
“The goal of this website is to give the widest possible view into the world of piyut [Hebrew: poem]…” Knowledge of Hebrew and traditional liturgy help-ful, but a uniquely interesting and attractive site in any case.
A short video about digitally adapting a 16th century Hebrew font for 21st century uses, by an artist who loves Hebrew.
“The City of Luz: Torah, Kabbalah and Science.” An eclectic approach to the online study of Kabbalah, by an 8th-generation descendant of the Gaon of Vilna, whose teaching comes after decades of his own studies.
An excellent site on the Temple(s), with graphic displays and explanations. Part of (a Jewish educational site)
Although they’re a Portland, OR-based group, what they’re doing, especially as described on their “About” page, is a terrific model for things that could be done elsewhere, too.
Link to a wonderful site about a book and documentary film recounting “a story of music and spiritual resistance during the Holocaust.”
Link to a recent article from the “Jewish Press” newspaper, reviewing Torah-themed artwork by renowned artist Lloyd Bloom. Samples of Mr. Bloom’s powerful work appear in the piece.
A colorful, informative site “dedicated to every aspect of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, and the central role it fulfilled…in the spiritual wellbeing of both Israel and all the nations of the world.”
The site of Atara Grenadir, painter and teacher. Powerful, evocative work on Jewish themes.
Site of the Alliance for Jewish Renewal.
Site of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.
Site of the Union for Reform Judaism. Formerly UAHC (Union of American Hebrew Congregations).
Contemporary Jewish art by Richard Mcbee, and his published reviews of the works of other Jewish artists working today.
The site to find out more about the work of Ms. Chani Getter, a leader in the fields of personal growth and spiritual development.
“A resource for Jewish Song Leaders… and all those involved in the transmission of Jewish heritage, religion and culture through music.”
Articles, mp3’s and videos on a wide range of Jewish topics and subjects. Good resource site.
The Oregon Jewish Museum was founded in 1989 by a volunteer group, committed to providing Oregon with a museum dedicated to Jewish art and history. A website worth visiting.
Link to a recent organization representing the diverse Indian-Jewish community.
Untold News was founded to pro-actively communicate the many true, good stories about Israel.
Lazer Beams: Reflections of emuna with Rabbi Lazer Brody. A lovely site about developing and practicing “emunah” — faith. Based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslav and Rabbi Shalom Arush (a contemporary Breslav teacher).
A model for Jewish education, based not only on acquiring information, but with emphasis on how Jewish knowledge is applied for spiritual growth, too.
A very interesting and useful site devoted to Yiddish proverbs, with special attention to the original Yiddish. Also helpful in finding Yiddish sources.
An international community of teachers and students who explore their roots in yoga, meditation and Jewish wisdom.


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